Mommy Wears: Beautiful Maternity

Mommy Wears has just one motto: Make Maternity Beautiful!

Our attempt is to provide you with beautiful maternity dresses online so you can order at your comfort and wear what truly suits your body.

Our range of clothes includes maternity long gowns, nursing bras, breastfeeding dresses, over-the-bump pants, maternity lingerie, swimwear, plus-size pregnancy clothes, and much more.

We try our best to provide you clothes that will keep you cozy with the growing abdomen and make nursing easy for you. Please read our size chart for each product before ordering any maternity dress as it's really important for us and for you that your clothes fit perfectly.

As it's truly said about pregnancy:

“When a woman is pregnant she becomes a lioness with the will of a dragon. She becomes a goddess of beauty with the colors of the rainbow. She becomes the mother of new life.” 

 We wish you an amazing maternity time and the most lovely baby.

Love and Wishes,

Mommy Wears